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Behind The Photos – Don Adkins

Before Motley Crue, Nikki played in a band called London. During that time, Nikki had befriended a photographer named Don Adkins who would do photos for London. When Motley Crue formed, Don followed Nikki and started taking photos of Motley. I followed Tommy so Motley Crue had two photographers shooting their early shows. When it […]

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Behind The Photos – The Stairs

  On Dec 30, 2015, Nikki Sixx gave an interview to LA Weekly. In that interview Nikki recounts their very first show. In that photo, you can see the stairs Nikki is referring to. Nikki’s photographer, Don Adkins Jr is standing at the top of the stairs in the picture.  

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Motley Crue’s Unusual Market Research

How do you know you have a winning single? Test it on 8th graders. That’s exactly what Tommy and I would do. This is a picture of the mall where my photo studio was located. The red square is where my studio was. The studio was halfway between Vince and Tommy’s homes in West Covina […]

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