The Dirt Behind The Dirt – Tommy’s Sister Athena

The Dirt - Tommy Lee's Sister, Athena

In Motley Crue’s biopic, The Dirt, released by Netflix in March of 2019, there is an indoor scene of Tommy’s parents house that occurs in the kitchen.

In the scene, Tommy enters wearing his sister’s spandex pants. This really did occur however it occurred while Tommy was in the band Dealer not Motley Crue as depicted in The Dirt movie.

While Tommy was in Suite 19, he wore a striped red and white t-shirt that belonged to his sister, Athena. Then when he moved on to his next band Dealer, Tommy expanded his wardrobe and started wearing his sister’s spandex as portrayed in The Dirt.

The photo above is the real sister, Athena. I took this photo of her in early 1981 when she was still 16.

Below is a photo of Tommy performing while wearing the leopard pants. Tommy also added a leopard print tie to finish off the ensemble.

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