The Dirt Behind The Dirt – The Starwood

The Dirt - the Starwood

In Motley Crue’s biopic, The Dirt, released by Netflix in March of 2019, there is an outdoor shot of the Starwood where Motley Crue played their first show.

I posted a picture of the real Starwood (above) for comparison.

The two signs on the side of the building in the movie, are the same as the two signs that were on the wall of the Starwood back in 81. There was a lit sign saying STARWOOD and advertising the bands playing that evening.

That’s where the similarities end. There was no front door as depicted in the movie, it was actually an entryway to a small parking lot. Once inside the parking area, there were actually two entrances as seen in this photo.

starwood entrance

The entrance on the right is where the VIP’s would enter. I would go in there and give my name, they would check the guest list. Give you a stamp and grant you entrance. You walk in thru some curtains and enter the main showroom where the bands played. Straight in front of you would be stairs that took you to the second floor and the backstage entrance.

The other entrance is for general admission. It was this entrance where you would find people lined up waiting to get in.

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