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Welcome to CruePast.com.

1981 was the beginning of a new era in music and later became known as the “Decade of Decadence“. In the 80’s, the Hollywood scene spawned so many great bands, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Guns N Roses, and the band that led the charge, Motley Crue.

I created this site as a way to share my memories of the early years hanging with Motley Crue.
Hi, my name is Will Boyett. You may have heard of me before. I’ve been mentioned in books on Motley Crue (Martin Poppoff’s Kickstart My Heart), interviewed on websites like Chronological Crue, and did photos for the bands early ads and flyers.
Suite 19
I may have been Motley Crue’s photographer, but at one point, I was also I was Tommy Lee’s roommate. In fact, Tommy and I had been hanging out way before Motley Crue.

I first met Tommy. He was in a band called Suite 19. He was broke and needed free photos for his band. I was bored photographer and wanted a more exciting life. It was a partnership made in heaven.

Tommy got his own personal photographer and I got to live the lifestyle of a rock star and experience first hand the endless drugs and free sex. You’ve read about and watched it on the movies, I was lucky enough to live it and now I want you to have the same experience.

Vince Neil Will Boyett

On this website let’s travel back in time. Back to a time that up until now, has very little documentation. I want to share the stories as I witnessed them through my eyes and my camera. I also want to preserve these memories for future generations of fans to enjoy, and with my Motley Tour, let anyone experience what it was like roaming the clubs with Motley Crue.