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Tommy Loves Bullwinkle

The first sentence in Motley Crue’s autobiography is.. Vince relates the stories of her squirting, her jealous rage, and Tommy’s love for her through it all. Her name in the book was changed, I suppose to protect her identity. Tommy calls her “Jessica” on page 51 of the Dirt. After introducing you to this crazy […]

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Meet Suite 19 – The Mayhem Begins

A couple years before Motley Crue was formed, Tommy Lee (then known as Tom Bass) was playing in his second band. Tommy had his first band while in high school. A band called US 101. From US 101, Tommy moved on to Suite 19. This picture was taken in my photo studio shortly after the […]

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Motley Crue Bathroom Design

motley bathroom featured

Back in 1981 I had recently opened the doors to my own photography studio located in San Gabriel California. My studio was located halfway between West Covina (where Tommy and Vince lived at the time) and Hollywood (where Tommy and Vince did their shows and rehearsed). On many occasions, Tommy (and sometimes Vince) would stop […]

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Before Motley, These Were The Average Club Goers

motley audience

From the time the band formed in January of 81, and they actually became somebody in Hollywood (which occurred after their first shows in April) Nikki, Vince, and Tommy actually roamed the clubs in their heels and/or feminine attire along with a little makeup and hairspray. As Nikki has said, they were so broke they […]

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