Motley Crue Bathroom Design

Back in 1981 I had recently opened the doors to my own photography studio located in San Gabriel California. My studio was located halfway between West Covina (where Tommy and Vince lived at the time) and Hollywood (where Tommy and Vince did their shows and rehearsed).

On many occasions, Tommy (and sometimes Vince) would stop by the studio on their way to Hollywood.

On one occasion when Tommy stopped by, I told him of my plans to convert my studio’s bathroom into a darkroom, for developing negatives and prints. I had just bought a bunch of black paint to cover the white walls with.

Since Tommy had house painting experience, I suggested that before I paint the walls black, that we first paint the bathroom with the up and down zig-zag line. Like the one he had on his bass drum at the time. He loved the idea and this is what we came up with.

Motley Bathroom

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