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Before Motley Crue, Nikki played in a band called London. During that time, Nikki had befriended a photographer named Don Adkins who would do photos for London.

When Motley Crue formed, Don followed Nikki and started taking photos of Motley. I followed Tommy so Motley Crue had two photographers shooting their early shows.

When it came time to produce Motley Crue’s first single, Nikki being leader of the group, chose his friend Don to do the pictures for the single’s cover.

In this episode of Behind The Photos, we will take a closer look at Don Adkins. This guy kept photo bombing my pictures. Time to get your books out as we hunt for Don Adkins. Also, make sure you read all the great stories Don has by clicking ALL the green buttons below.

Meet Don Adkins

In the background of the Starwood show, you can find Don at the top of the stairs fiddling with his camera.
Hardcover: page 19         Softcover: page 14

You can find Don pushing his way through the audience in an attempt to get to the front of the stage for a good shot of Motley Crue.
Hardcover: page 22         Softcover: page 18

In this photo it’s not easy to spot Don. Take a close look at the photo with Nikki. Right above Vince’s head, you can see Don and his girlfriend cuddling as they watch the show from their vantage point.
Hardcover: page 23         Softcover: page 17

To see a better picture of the couple, click the green button below. You’ll also get to read Don’s story of his relationship with Motley Crue along with the story behind Motley Crue’s first photo shoot in Don’s parents home.

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Have you heard of the mysterious Kerry Doll? Don tells you more about this character and Motley Crue in this interview:

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If you need a book to follow along with the weekly “Behind The Photos” series, you can grab your copy of The Early Years here.

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