Behind The Photos – The Stairs


On Dec 30, 2015, Nikki Sixx gave an interview to LA Weekly. In that interview Nikki recounts their very first show.

A stairway led from the Starwood Club’s dressing room down to the stage. I remember walking down the stairs onto the stage and hardly knowing Tommy and Vince and Mick, but at the same time feeling like I’d known them my whole life. Breaking into that first song, I remember just feeling at home.

LA Weekly

Please refer to the photo on page 14 of the softcover, page 19 of the hardcover. The photo of Motley Crue on stage at their first show, April 24 1981.

In that photo, you can see the stairs Nikki is referring to. Nikki’s photographer, Don Adkins Jr is standing at the top of the stairs in the picture.

It is also from the top of the stairs where I was able to take the photo of Vince as seen on page 17 of the softcover (second photo from the left) or page 20 of the hardcover.
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