Behind The Photos – The Catwalk


In the images below you can see Tommy playing with Suite 19 (top photo) and his next band,

Both photos were taken at the Starwood. Unlike the other Hollywood clubs, the Starwoods stage was not placed up against the the indoor wall of the building. At the Starwood, the stage was placed a few feet away from the indoor wall and a second wall was built behind the stage.

On page 17 of the softcover (second photo from the left) or page 20 of the hardcover. Look closely at the wall behind Motley Crue, you can see it is made up of wooden slats. Look closely above where Tommy sits, you can see some holes and cracks in the wooden slats. It is from there I was able to snap pictures from behind the wall.

This allowed the Starwood to have a catwalk behind the stage. When Motley Crue came on stage, Mick and Tommy could come down the stairs on the audience’s right (stage left), while Nikki and Vince could use the catwalk to get to the other side of the stage unseen. When it’s time to appear on stage, two members come out from both sides of the stage.


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