Motley House

Every Motley fan has heard of the infamous Motley House. Unfortunately most fans are unsure of where it is exactly. This fan here selected a building next door and recorded it. You can tell from their voice they were so excited to be seeing it…

Too bad it’s the wrong building. I feel so sorry for this person. I hope they don’t read this. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


As you can see, they thought the address was 1124 Clark Street. The actual address was 1140 Clark St, just one building up the hill. Here’s an aerial view of the apartment complex and the building they mistakenly thought was the real one.


The Real Motley House Is Here


Motley House

As you enter the complex, you pass a pool. The pool is in the front of the building, the dark shaded area.  You would continue to walk straight towards the back and the apartment was right there on the ground floor. The other building has no pool.

In their autobiography, The Dirt, the guys spoke of a courtyard where the party overflow ended up. The other building has no courtyard. You can also see the alley in the back of the building where the boys piled up their trash. The other building has no such area. Any true fan would know that building doesn’t match their autobiography.

I hope this helps you locate the right building.

Click here for a photo of me partying with Vince inside the Motley House.

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