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Dealer – Tommy Lee

DEALER When Greg Leon left Suite 19 to be Quiet Riot’s guitarist, Tommy found himself without a band. Tommy’s parents were devastated. They loved Greg. They thought Greg was going to take their son to new heights. Tommy’s parents felt Greg had abandoned Tommy and they refused to talk to Greg after that. At the […]

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Review of Dealer Demo with Tommy Lee

Review of Dealer Demo featuring Tommy Lee on drums In 1980, Tommy Lee recorded six songs with his band Dealer. These were the only songs Tommy ever recorded before Motley Crue. When Tommy went to meet Nikki at the Denny’s, he took a cassette tape of these six songs which he gave to Nikki as […]

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DEALER – 1980’s Tickets

DEALER – 1980’s Tickets On page 51 of Motley Crue’s autobiography, The Dirt, Tommy claims “he briefly played with another band before it broke up”. That band he claims was “brief”, was the band Dealer. Below I present three tickets. The first is a show in May of 1980 at the Starwood. On page 52 […]

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