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This is it! The rarest Tommy Lee and Motley Crue memorabilia you will ever find. Here you will find never-before-released photographs of Tommy Lee in his first pro band! Also included are the first pictures ever taken of Tommy Lee sporting his new Motley Crue hairdo, taken just days after forming Motley Crue with Nikki Sixx.

All photos are printed off the original negatives on real photographic paper in 8″x10″ format. Each photograph comes hand-signed on the back by the photographer. You can see a preview and the story behind each photograph below.

1 Tommy playing the drums during Motley Crue’s first ever performance. Y&T’s drum set is clearly seen behind Tommy as Motley Crue was the opening act that night of April 24, 1981.
2 Tommy’s first ever studio shot with his first pro band, Suite 19.
3 This photo was going to be Tommy and Suite 19’s first album cover. Unfortunately the band broke up before the album was recorded and the picture was never published. This is the first time it is being offered to the public.
4 Black and white studio shot of Tommy with Suite 19. This picture was first published May of 2017 when it appeared in a story for BURRN magazine (Japan’s largest heavy metal magazine).
5 Tommy went through my prop box and picked out a pink, silk hat and a red rose to pose with. One of the more sillier photos of Tommy. Never published, never released to the public before.
6 This is the photo that Tommy’s mother loved so much she ordered a large 20″x24″ print that she proudly hung in her living room.
7 Black & white photo of Tommy wearing a black tuxedo jacket and holding his drumsticks. Lighting wasn’t the best, but a shot of Tommy goofing around makes this shot a rare find.
8 Tommy, Greg Leon, and Jon Kemp made up Suite 19. Here they are popping out of a picture frame. Never before released to the public.
9 Tommy posing on a white background, wearing his typical boots, tight jeans, #13 shirt and sporting his new Motley haircut.
10 Group shot of Suite 19, with Tommy in the center with an angry look on his face. This one also has never before been released.

BUT WAIT, there’s more…

THIS IS NOT A COPY OR SCAN OF THE ORIGINAL FLYER. These flyers come from a second printing that used the original artwork, negative, and typeface from the first printing. Currently the only known flyer from the first printing sold for over $700 to a private collector. Now you can have the same flyer from the second printing absolutely free with your order of Tommy Lee photos today.



I want to be amongst the only 10 collectors in the world to have these photos of Tommy Lee for my collection. I understand these photos come direct from you, Tommy’s personal photographer and printed from the original negatives. I also want to be one of the 10 to have this rare Tommy Lee flyer in my collection.


Includes all 10 photos in 8″x10″ format plus the Dealer flyer with Tommy