Take The Motley Tour

Coming to Los Angeles and want to see and experience what it what like in 1981 hanging with the Crue and cruising the strip (sorry, no drugs or wild women throwing themselves at you)?

This 2 hour tour is hosted by Will Boyett himself. Will has been mentioned in several books on Motley Crue, was Tommy Lee’s personal photographer, and shot the photos for some of the bands early ads. Will routinely visited the Motley House and accompanied Vince, Nikki, and Tommy on their walk down the hill to the strip.

Now you can experience the same thing as you walk with Will (just like Motley Crue did) down the hill to the strip. Will shares the stories he witnessed first-hand on a typical evening with the Crue. Be warned, your private 2 hour Motley Tour will be a no-holds barred tour. Will shares with you (sometimes in graphic detail) the stories, that could never be told in public, about the sex and drugs that went on at the different venues you will visit. Will’s memories will give you a good perspective of what it was like to be hanging on the strip in 1981.

Motley HouseThe first stop once you hit the strip will be at the Whiskey. The Doors were the house band here in the 60’s but Motley packed them in in the 80’s. Discover what it was like hanging on the strip as Will shares never before released stories of the Crue at each of the clubs the Crue frequented. You’ll visit the infamous Rainbow. This is the restaurant/bar where everyone met after the clubs closed. Will takes you inside (depends on whether they are open or not) so you can experience the stories and see for yourself where much of the decadence occurred. Who knows, you may even run into a member of Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, or even Ratt. If you do, Will will be happy to introduce you.

After your visit to the Rainbow, you’ll embark on a driven tour of the places Motley Crue frequented outside of the strip. You’ll stop at the Troubadour to share in some stories or to sit in the booth Motley Crue used. After the Troubadour you’ll accompany Will up to the corner where the Starwood once stood. The corner where Motley Crue gave their first performance.

The tour continues with a drive by their rehearsal studio, the store where they bought their clothing, the parlor where they got their tattoos, and the strip club mentioned in the song Girls, Girls, Girls. The same one they used in the video when they sat out front on their motorcycles.

If you love Motley Crue and have always wanted to know what it would have been like on the strip in 1981, this is your once-in-a-chance opportunity to experience the thrill, to take home the memories. Best of all it’s hosted by someone who was there and lived it alongside the Crue. Book your reservation now using the form below.

Take The Motley Tour