Motley Crue The Early Years

The Early Years Proof Book

Only 2 softcover proof books exist. The first proof book had too few pages and many errors. After corrections and more pages added, a second proof was ordered. The one you can win here. The second proof, I was not happy with layout of the photos and content. Thus this book, while few errors, has a different layout than the final book.

This rare book has it’s own unique ISBN. The template was destroyed and deleted and thus no further books can ever be assigned to this books ISBN.

Here’s How To Enter:

Get out your hardcover copy of “The Early Years”. Inside I will introduce you to Bullwinkle (page 11). Memorize her face and hair style. Then go through the hardcover book and count how many times you can spot Bullwinkle. You may find her in the audience of a show, or in the background of a photo shoot, or in the open (like on page 11).

Once you have your total sightings, enter the name that was on your Amazon/Ebay/Paypal shipping address (who was the book shipped to) along with your total Bullwinkle sightings in the form below. See official rules for more details.


Enter the name of the person on the original shipping label:

Enter the # of Bullwinkle sighting:

Want to win but don’t have a hardcover yet? Get yours here.

For Those Who Bought The Softcover: You can enter and win also. Unfortunately you won’t be able to count the number of sightings without a hardcover, so you will have to guess. Make a guess, it’s free. Good Luck.

Contest Rules:
Purchase a hardcover copy of The Early Years. Enter the name of the person the book was shipped to on this page along with the number of sightings.

Contest runs October 7, 2018 thru March 7, 2019. You get one entry per book purchased. If you submit more entries than books purchased, the latter ones will be discarded.

If more than one person has the correct number of sightings, then all correct submissions will have to solve a puzzle about Motley Crue. There is a one week time frame to submit the correct answer to the puzzle. If more than one still remain, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner.

Winner will be announced March 15, 2019.