Post Your EARLY YEARS Picture Contest

Post a picture of you with the book. You could be sitting and reading the book, on top of Eiffel tower with the book, or even showing the book in your Motley Crue collection. Use your imagination. I will select 3 of the pictures and find most interesting and will post them for all to vote on. You guys get to pick the winner.

Here’s what you can win:

Story behind this book:
After turning down two sets of proofs, I made what I thought was to be the final book. I ordered 10 copies. When they arrived, I noticed I forgot to order the ISBN number. That’s why these 10 have no barcode.

I could do the other 240 the same, but I decided to scrap the 10 and order a new and final book.

All 10 books come shrink wrapped. I opened one to make sure all was what I needed inside before ordering final books. People I showed the book to said one picture was too controversial. It’s not worth the risk. I removed this picture from the final 250 books, but it is in these 10 books.

Of the 10 books. One was given to Jon Kemp, Suite 19 Bassist. One was given to Greg Leon. That leaves 8, unopened and sealed books. I took the remaining 8 books and have put a sticker on the outside and numbered them 1-10 and signed them. A private collector took possession of the first five.

That leaves me with 6, 7, and 8. What I am giving away here is one of the remaining 3 books, #6. I’ve marked it as sixx/10 (shrink your browser to enlarge picture).

You have until the end of November 10 to post your picture, then I will make the selection of 3. You will not be judged based on lighting or posing. I’m looking for unique pictures with my book and the people who love it. (or ways it can be used) 🙂

If you don’t want your face in the picture, feel free to use a costume, it is Halloween time here in the US. Even a picture without a face may be good if it’s cool looking pic .

If you haven’t ordered your book yet, hurry here to get your copy, then come back and post your picture to win.

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Contest Rules

  • Contest runs from October 10 through November 10 2018.
  • 1 submission per person. Should one person submit more than one, the latest one will be used and all others ignored.
  • By submitting your picture, you agree that Will Boyett may use the photo for testimonials or advertising purposes.
  • On Nov 111, 2018. The 3 semi-finalists will have their photos posted and Crue fans the world over will vote the picture they like. The picture getting the most votes, wins the prize.

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