9n reason to go hard

Meet Bullwinkle
In their autobiography, they had a lot to say about her. Now you can see the face behind all the mystery. Is she as Tommy describes on page 51 of The Dirt?
Meet Greg Leon
Greg is mentioned extensively in the Dirt. He was to be Motley Crue’s first guitarist. Now I put a face to the name.
Meet Suite 19*
Nicknamed “the Heavy Metal Kids”, Suite 19 also was mentioned extensively in the Dirt. Now you can see them in concert and in the studio. Tommy’s first pro band.
Meet Dealer*
Tommy mentions himself playing “briefly” (almost 1 year) in this band on page 51 of the Dirt. Now you get the concert and studio shots of Tommy in this band.
Discover The Motley House
If only this apartment can speak. Now you can go inside the apartment and meet Vince in 1981. Comes with a floorplan of the boys pad. Also you’ll see where the apartment really is. So much fake news on the internet.
Entry into the “SPOT THE BULLWINKLE” contest*
Hardcover purchasers get one entry to win a SOFTCOVER PROOF BOOK. There are only 2 of these proof books and I’m giving one away.
Attend The Early Shows
This is not a bunch of random shots from 1981 shows. The photos are broken down by show. Now you can get the feel of being at the show in the audience. In many cases, you’ll get a ticket for that night’s show along with a button they may have passed out to those in the audience.

You’ll be part of the entourage and privy to where the party will be after the show. Come and experience the Crue at a Hollywood club.

Limited Number Being Released*
The Hardcover is only being made available to 250 Crueheads worldwide. This is not mass produced. Your book will not only be a treasure, but an investment.
Signed By The Author/Photographer*
So many other Crue books out there by people who had nothing to do with the Crue. Motley had only 2 official photographers in ’81. Now you can not only get in the vault of one, but have him sign it.

Those reasons marked with an * are only found in the Hardcover. All others reasons found in both formats.